DIY Clementine Wreaths

'Tis the time of year when, betwixt the piles of butter-and-sugar-laden treats, we are often delighted to discover a pile of that sweetheart of the citrus family - the ever-so-easy-to-eat clementine.

This year, why not share the citrus joy with your friends & neighbours? These clever clementine wreaths are a lovely way to wish the ones you love a happy & healthy holiday season!

To create your own, you'll need clementines, cellophane, clear tape, twine, tags, and washi tape.

Add a strip of colourful washi tape to your blank tags. Here the tape is folded over the edge so that both sides of the tag benefit from the washi treatment.

Cut a piece of cellophane. Line up 8 clementines along the length of your cellophane. Leave a little space between each clementine.

Wrap the cellophane into a tube with the clementines inside. Secure with a few small pieces of clear sticky tape.

Tie a piece of twine between each clementine.

Join the two end pieces of cellophane together so that your clementine tube becomes a ring (or a wreath!). Secure with a piece of baker's twine, add your tag (write your message before attaching!) and tie baker's twine into a bow. If ends of cellophane are too long or uneven, carefully trim.

There you go - a  healthy DIY treat all ready for gifting.Images & project courtesy of Alexis Edghill Whalen. Thanks for sharing!