Sparkle & Twine - Pretty Glitter Wrapping Ideas

I must admit, I've got sparkle dots on the brain. I simply couldn't wait any longer to see how they'd look on a basic kraft-wrapped gift. Pretty sweet, right? And the addition of metallic silver Divine Twine and a glittery initial tag takes this wrapping look to the next level.Of course, there's no need to limit yourself to sparkle dots when you're wrapping with glitter tape - it's ever-so-fun to create different looks within the same colour palette. Here's 3 glitter tape & metallic twine variations I came up with: 
Cut small triangles out of glitter tape and stick randomly all over your wrapped gift. Perfectly festive (if a little icy)! 

Sometimes simple is best - 2 strips of glitter tape in one direction and twine wound round the other. 

A bunting style topper is a fun variation on the typical twine look - string your gift tag right on the twine between glitter tags!

To make your own glitter initial tags, start with a small piece of glitter tape about the size of your desired letter. Then, simply cut out the desired letter shape and stick to a paper tag. If you are cutting a letter with an enclosed area (like my "O"), use a small hole punch to create the hole before enlarging into desired shape with your scissors. The plastic backing on the glitter tape makes it easy to cut into the desired shape - no special steps necessary!

How would you use glitter tape to add a little sparkle to your gifts this holiday season?