DIY: Pretty Paper Garland

Here's a take on a simple dot garland using upcycled packaging from mt tape. Don't know about you, but I'm rather enamoured with sewing paper bits together - it's fun and quick and there's no worry about seam allowances or finished products not fitting or...

If you've ever bought a 2 pack of patterned mt tape, you would have noticed the pretty backing paper. And, if you're anything like me, you'll stash it away somewhere until you are suddenly inspired to do something with it! Of course, you don't have to use mt packaging for this garland... any pretty paper that isn't too thin will do. Scrapbook paper would be great!

Grab your handy circle punch (or go wild, and try squares!) and punch away. Mine is a 1" punch, but you could use a bigger one.

Ahhh... confetti.

Figure out the order of your paper dots. Then use a sewing machine to stitch them together, feeding one dot at a time through the machine and leaving a small (or large space) between each one. Make sure you leave about 4-6" of thread at each end so you have space to hang your garland.

Use simple strips of washi tape to hang your garland on the wall - one looks good, but three is better!

Or, my favourite, wrap a short garland around a gift for a unique take on ribbon. Here, I've used a kraft bag, but this would look smashing on a wrapped box too!

Happy crafting!


  1. Awesome way to reuse that cute backing paper, Marisa! Love how they all look hung together! :)

  2. Love your choice of patterns and how you thought to use it as gift wrap. Super cute!

    1. Thanks Rachel - it's always fun dreaming up new ways to dress up a plain kraft bag!

  3. Hoy beautiful! I love this project. I'm always searching for cool things to do with all the designy paper and cardsI hoard!

  4. I love this one!!!! ^^ <3
    is soooooooooooooooooo cool and pretty easy to do! ^^b
    that's my favorite part of your projects jejejejeje

    thank you so much fot sharing!!! ^w^

    1. Thanks Narya - I try to make the projects cute but simple! Glad you like them.

  5. I’ve made this using circle-punched pictures from greeting cards and magazines; thick paper works best. Used double-stick tape and 2 circles. The circles can be different sizes. Also taped on large sparkly sequins. The tape speed up the process.

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