DIY Kraft + Washi Tape Advent Calendar

Have a little fun with washi tape while creating a modern Advent Calendar. Fill with treats like small holiday ornaments, individually wrapped chocolates or even single rolls of tape. We think brown kraft paper and washi tape are great companions, especially with a little festive gold shine.

The daily Advent bags can be pinned to a corkboard or clipped to a length of twine to create a garland.

This simple project is one of the "hands-on, brain-off" variety. Meaning, it's an easy one to work away at while watching TV at the end of the day. Let's get started, shall we?!

Number Stamps + Inkpad
Pushpins/Tacks + Corkboard or Twine + Mini Clothespins

Decorate the mini kraft bags with desired washi tape patterns. You can apply the same design to all the bags, mix and match a selection of designs, or even try a different design on each bag!

Fold over the top of the kraft bag and crease. Flip over and apply washi tape to the flap you have just created.

Trim excess washi tape from the edges of the flap.

Stamp numbers 1 through 24 on the decorated bags.

If attaching to a cork board, as in our example, first cover standard tacks/pushpins with washi tape.

Fill with desired Advent treat and pin to cork board or clip to twine to create a garland.

We pinned our Advent bags to the customized cork board seen here. As, day by day, the bags are removed, the Christmas message beneath is revealed.

We'll be sharing another Advent Calendar idea next week - hope you'll pop by to see that one too!