DIY: Glam Glassine Advent Calendar

Make a simple but glam glassine Advent Calendar. Metallic ink and glitter twine add a little holiday sparkle to basic glassine bags.

Small Glassine Bags x 24
Metallic Marker
Washi Tape (or other low tack tape)
Mini Clothespins x 24

Print out the numbers 1-24 using the desired font and size. We used size 125 Bernard MT Condensed. Your printed numbers should fit on 2 standard 8.5 x 11" sheets of paper. Cut printout into individual numbers.

Using your washi tape, attach the first number to the back of a glassine bag. Flip over, you will be able to see the number through the translucent bag. Adjust until you achieve the desired position.

Trace around the number with the metallic marker. Tip - tape the the bag to your work surface so that it doesn't move around while you trace.

Allow ink to dry. Carefully remove the washi tape. Repeat with the remaining bags.

Fill the bags with your choice of Advent treat. The mini bags are perfectly sized for small treats like individually wrapped chocolates or single rolls of washi tape. Please note - glassine is translucent, if you don't want to be able to see the item through the bag, wrap each day's gift in white or gold tissue before placing inside the bag.

Fold over the top of the bags and clip to the twine. Make sure to sandwich the twine in the folded crease of the glassine bag - see images above.

We'd love to know - do you celebrate Advent? If so, what do you like to find in your Advent calendar? Classic chocolate or some other treat?


  1. Ooh, I love this one too. You make excellent Advent calendars!! :)

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