Washi Tape + Gelaskins Love

Here's a washi tape project I took on a couple of weeks ago that I love so much I thought I'd share.

I like the concept of adding some washi tape cuteness to your favourite electronic friends, but, in practice, I'm always disappointed at how quickly the washi tape starts to look sad. I mean, I should know better, it's paper tape and I'm not gentle on things! But I prefer not to wander around with dirty looking tape on my devices - plus it doesn't really add a protective layer.

I wanted to find a way to washi tape handheld electronics without the super quick wear + tear plus add a layer of protection, and friends, I think I've found it in GelaSkins!

I created a custom skin for my Kobo using a photo I had taken of washi tape. Super easy to do, just arrange tape strips on a piece of paper in the arrangement you'd like and snap a picture - I think you could even create the desired washi tape collage and then scan it in to your computer rather than taking a photo.

Then use the GelaSkins Create Your Own feature to create the skin or case of your choice. Easy!

There you have it - washi tape cuteness + Gelaskins function = well-dressed devices (and no more frayed tape edges!)