Back To Basics - Washi Tape Twist Ties

Here's a cute and simple way to put your washi tape to use - Washi Tape Twist Ties.

You may have already spotted this simple DIY here and there (and everywhere?) around the internet, but I believe Zakka Life did it first.

All you need is washi tape, scissors and wire.

Sandwich a piece of wire between two pieces of washi tape. I like to use two different designs for added fun! Make sure to leave a wire-free space of about 1cm on each end of the tape. Snip into desired shape.

Then twist to tie! Your homemade treats will be all dressed up just in time to be slipped into back to school lunches, displayed at birthday parties or sold at bake sales.

My favourite ways to use washi tape are often the simplest, so I thought it was time to look back at some of the sweet and simple ways to use our favourite tape! Our new series - Back to Basics with Washi Tape - will give you ideas for using these multi-tasking tapes. Some of which you may have already seen and some which might leave you asking "why didn't I think of that?"

Do you have any simple but clever uses for washi tape? Share them with us in the comments, post an image to our Facebook page or send a tweet our way. We're always listening!