DIY: Wrap It In Neon

There's nothing quite like a well-wrapped gift. You know, the kind you don't want to open because it's so beautiful/cool/unique, but you really really want to open because if the outside is that good, what's inside must be incredible! I invited expert wrapper Corinna vanGerwen to come and share some neon wrapping ideas with us, and they are oh so good!

When Marisa offered to send me a Fun With Neon Crafty Grab Bag to play with, I was thrilled. Like everyone else on the planet these days, I’m in love with neon colours. Bright, intense and full of fun, they’re perfect for summer. And they’re a brilliant addition to gift wrapping.

All the neon pieces in these three wrapping looks are from the Fun With Neon Crafty Grab Bag. For my base, I used white paper to amp up the intensity of the neon colours and really make them buzz.

Show up at a party with a gift wrapped in neon and you’re sure to have the coolest present there.

Gift wrapping doesn’t start and end with what goes on the outside of a box — the inside deserves some attention too! Sprinkle some confetti among the tissue to surprise and delight. It will be like unwrapping a party!

Speaking of confetti… Create a confetti-like pattern with dot stickers. I used mostly pink with a few green dots and kept them clustered mainly to one side of the gift, with some going over the edges. The birthday message is written on Shocking Green washi tape using a Sharpie.

To get this look, wrap three strands of neon twine around the present three times, keeping them from twisting or overlapping. Tie the ends in a knot around all strands, then fan out the pieces of twine on one side while pushing them together on the other. (You may want to secure them in place with a few pieces of tape on the bottom of the box.) For the tag, layer two colours, punching a hole in the top tag.

Corinna's motto is "Because beautiful packages make people smile!" Click here to find out more about Corinna, her work and how you can improve your gift wrapping skills by taking a workshop.

Inspired to create great looking gifts of your own? Corinna shares wonderful wrapping ideas and useful info (like which tape to use / how to measure wrapping paper) via her newsletter and blog. You can also connect on Pinterest and Twitter. Go on now, your gifts (and their recipients) will thank you!