DIY: Neon Friendship Bracelets

Summertime is officially only 2 days away (though our weather in Toronto would suggest that it's been here for quite awhile already!) And summer is the perfect time to have a little more fun with your accessories - especially when there are no pesky long sleeves to get in the way of your arm party!

So, what could be better than knotting up classic friendship bracelets with a fresh twist?

Dust off your friendship bracelet skills but forget the embroidery floss - reach for some neon twine. You'll be delighted at just how quickly these bracelets knot up. 

Just remember, since the twine is much thicker than floss, you'll want to use fewer strands. For my bracelets, each 4 strands of twine (2 strands folded) equaled 1cm (approx. 3/8") in bracelet width.

Forgotten how? I'll admit, so had I! But making friendship bracelets seems to fall into that category of "it's just like riding a bicycle" and before you know it, your hands will be putting those hard-won summer camp bracelet-making skills to use!

Remember the basics but want to try new patterns? Check out this site, where you can browse thousands of patterns or search for a pattern using a specific number of strands or colours. 

Once you're back in the swing of things, I dare you to make just one! This is an addictively fun DIY (and a perfect one to do in front of the TV or relaxing on the deck.) Then stack them on and enjoy a little summer fun - wrist style!

We'd love to know - what have you been doing with your neon twine?

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