Monday Morning Eye Candy

I don't know about you, but this morning I'm yearning for a little beauty.  Here are some lovely images found on Pinterest - a little beauty salve for the soul.

Full Bloom by ajpscs

Parasols in Kyoto by xalanti

Camellia - Posy Gets Cosy
White Lotus - muza-chan
Paper Cranes - Altmix Photography

Need a little heartwarming to go with that eye cand?  Over the last few days, we've found Twitter to be a wonderful source of not only information, but comfort too.    These tweets really show the spirit of the Japanese.  via @skinnylaminx 

There are so many wonderful initiatives being organized to support Japan.  Please let us know about yours via Facebook or Twitter or in the comments here so we can help to spread the word.  We've got one of our own in the works - but more on that later.