Make Your Own Furoshiki

As we looked at yesterday, a furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) can be both beautiful and functional.  Whether you're looking for a lunch bag alternative, a eco-wrapping technique or simply want to inject a lovely bit of Japanese culture into your everyday, the furoshiki is for you!

Making your own furoshiki, really couldn't be easier!  There are only 2 difficult steps - the first is deciding which fabric to make your furoshiki from, the second is deciding which size to make.

For our version, we turned to a lovely Japanese print picked up a few years ago in Japan (sorry, we don't stock this one and don't even know who made it - if you know, please let us know!)

Having only a half metre cut, we went with a 50cm x 50cm furoshiki.  This size is perfect for wrapping around your bento / lunch or other smallish things.  If you're looking to wrap a wine bottle (or 2), or to make a furoshiki that can double as a bag, you'll want to make something closer to a 100cm x 100cm version. 

To make your furoshiki

1. Cut a square of your desired fabric. (Or just use a fat quarter, should you have some of those lying around looking forlorn!).  You'll want to choose a fabric which is thin (easy to tie) yet strong. 

2. Finish the edges.  You can serge, go with a rolled hem (depending on your fabric, I s'pose) or do as we did and do a simple hem with beveled corners.  Check out this tutorial for more specific instructions on those corners.

3. Give it a good press and you're good to go!  (I said it was easy!)

Otsukai tsutsumi - basic wrap

4. Have fun trying out all sorts of different wrapping styles.  You can refer to this handy guide or even check Youtube where you'll find furoshiki demonstrations.

Yotsu musubi - 4 tie wrap (2 hidden!)

Don't forget to check out our selection of fabrics (and Shinzi Katoh bentos) on  We think you could make some fab-u-lous furoshiki out of our Kokka Giant Strawberries:

Or for something a little more traditional, why not some of our Maiko prints:

And if you're looking for that perfect gift, why not whip up a matching furoshiki and chopstick / utensil wrap (tutorial here)?!

Happy sewing... and wrapping!


  1. I have to chuckle at the current interest in the furoshiki. When I was a kid (in the days before backpacks) that's how we carried our books to school--wrap them up in a furoshiki and plop them on the back of the back of bike. I always loved them and was disappointed when my kids didn't see the appeal. Plus, I had trouble finding the same kinds of fabric in the USA that they were made out of in Japan.

  2. I guess our taste in "stuff" comes in cycles, just like fashion. Everything comes back around!

  3. I love it! I'm going to have to make one of my own. :) That's gorgeous fabric, by the way.

  4. I found your blog while searching for Furoshiki info. I placed a link to it from my Squidoo lens.

  5. Lovely fabrics and such a great way of using and reusing them! Larger furoshiki can also be folded and knotted into a variety of styles of bag - and then unknotted and reused again. I've posted some of the ways I use my furoshiki here Hope you like them.

  6. I like your strawberry Furoshiki designs. Very bright and original. If you want to learn different techniques please visit the Furoshiki Forum! :)


  7. So fab and girly! My gals will love this at home! Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Aloha, did you ever figure out who makes that beautiful fabric? Thank you! Kate