Do You Furoshiki?

Image: Mottainai

Let's get a little furo-chic this morning by taking a look at the Japanese furoshiki.

Essentially a square of fabric used to wrap... well, just about anything! The possibilities seem almost limitless.  But could we expect anything less from the country that brought us origami? 

Ministry of the Environment, Japan

The furoshiki has been around for a long time (a long long time, to be exact!).  But the name has been around since the Edo Era, when the cloths were used to transport clothes and supplies to the local bath house (sento) for your nightly soak. Furo meaning bath.  Shiki meaning spread. But now furoshiki are used for bundling up so much more than clothes!

Elegant when used as wrapping. Perfect for securing your lunch. And of course, clever when disguised as a bag!

Fashion Kowaza
Fashion Kowaza

Planning a trip to Kyoto?  Make sure to pop into this shop. Their designs are sure to inspire you to try it yourself!

Certainly, there has been a bit of a renaissance for the furoshiki over the last few years, and it's had some good press in the Western World.  Why, there are even books on the subject!  But have you tried it for yourself?

Tomorrow, let's make our own furoshikis and see what all the fuss is about!