Paper Cranes for Cancer Research

While I was researching paper cranes and drooling over paper crane weddings in preparation for today's post over on The Girl In The Pink Wedding Dress, I stumbled across the most amazing project!

Toronto based The Wedding Co. is celebrating their upcoming 10th anniversary in a wonderful way.  The Crane Chandelier Project!  Simply, they are collecting origami cranes from engaged and newly married couples all over the world.  For each crane received, The Wedding Co. will donate $0.50 to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation for Cancer Research.  (And yes, you can send more than one!)  With a goal of 10,000 cranes by January 2011, there's still time for you to get involved.

We think that this is such a wonderful way to honour your engagement / marriage and to do a little good at the same time.  Congrats to The Wedding Co. for undertaking such a lovely project and letting the world in on it!  And you?  Here's your chance to get involved and spread a little love and hope while you're at it!

You can read more about The Wedding Co here.  For more information on the Crane Chandelier Project,  and info on how to get involved click here.