DIY Paper Crane Cupcake Toppers

As we posted earlier today, you can find a great post over on The Girl in the Pink Wedding Dress all about incorporating 1000 Paper Cranes into your wedding.

But we wanted to tell you a little bit more about our DIY Paper Crane Cupcake Toppers!  These are simple, striking and super easy.... once you get your folding down.  So let's get that out of the way:

via Linares Blog

For our cupcake toppers, we used 7.5cm / 3 inch origami paper.  This is a standard size of origami paper and (we think) it makes the perfect sized cranes to use atop your cupcakes. (You can fold your cranes out of regular paper, but we find, especially when folding small cranes, it can be too thick to work with.)

For the first look, we started with our Peace Crane Aizome paper for cupcake wrappers, and shades of blue paper from our 50 Colour origami paper set.  Oh, and some toothpicks!

Once the cranes were folded, we cut cupcake wrappers out of the Peace Crane Aizome using this pattern. (You know - 'cause they're all the rage.  No one serves naked cupcakes anymore!)

In the tutorial over on The Girl in the Pink Wedding Dress, we said that you should glue your crane to the toothpick.  But we actually found that with our cranes the glue wasn't necessary.  When you fold a paper crane, a small hole is created on the bottom of the crane.  Ours was the perfect size to hold the toothpick pretty securely.  Anyway, glue or no glue, attach your crane to the toothpick.

Wrap cupcake wrapper around cupcake and secure.  Insert topper into cupcake!  That's it!  It's easy and pretty too!

We love the look of the blue origami cranes in different shades of blue perched on top of mounds of fluffy vanilla icing and a cupcake wrapper made of our Peace Crane Aizome paper.

For a different look, we also put together a pink colour story using patterned origami paper from our Traditional Patterns origami set and solid pink paper for cupcake wrappers.  So pretty!

Not planning a wedding? We think this project is perfect for all sorts of celebrations.  And don't feel the need to stick to origami cranes... origami butterflies, hearts or flowers would make great toppers too! 

Check out our selection of origami papers and traditional Japanese chiyogami, aizome and katazome papers on  And if you're looking to incorporate origami cranes into your wedding and need origami paper in a specific colour, send us an email and we'll see how we can help!

And if you haven't checked out the post over on The Girl in the Pink Wedding Dress... don't forget to do so.  There's lots of great ideas and pretty pictures too!