Wrap it Up!

One of our favourite ways to use Japanese masking tape is for wrapping presents!

mt masking tape looks fabulous dressing up simple kraft paper.  Here's last week's Happy New Kitchen gift, all wrapped up and ready to go.

We also grabbed a few plain gift bags and let the tape inspire us!

First up, a simple striped bag in some vibrant summer colours:

How about dressing up a plain bag with a birthday cake and some confetti?

Or even some elegant flowers!


Let's get a close up of those flowers.

These are surprisingly easy to make, and because you're using tape, each petal can be stuck down as you go and repositioned as needed!

Have we inspired you to dress your own gifts in Japanese masking tape?  Omiyage carries mt masking tape in 52 different colours and patterns (That's one for each week of the year!)  And for a limited time, spend $30 on anything in the shop and we'll send you a free roll of mt Deco tape.  (But only while supplies last!)