Taping Around the House

Here are some fast and fun ideas for using your Japanese masking tape around the house and office!

Spice up canisters and spice bottles with tape.  This would also be a great way to glam up old jars, tins, etc and give them a new life in your home:

Have some fun with your vases!  Replace ribbon with tape for a classic centrepiece look or go wild with a variety of colourful tapes for a modern vibe.

Bored of your phone / phone case?  Why not accessorize with a few washi tape stripes?  I'm absolutely loving this new look - the hot pink was beginning to lose its appeal.  A few strips of tape, and suddenly my phone feels and looks fresher! (Another bonus?  The tape makes the phone a little less slippery - helpful if you're like me and your butter fingers have led to your iPhone in your spaghetti sauce one time too many!)

Put your tape to work around the office.  Here we've used the tape as file folder labels - the tape is easy to remove, allowing these folders to be used again and again without having to scrape off old labels.  And even added a bit of flair to a Moleskin schedule book - more stripes and some monthly tabs.  So much easier to find the date!

Some other great ideas we've had / heard for using the tape around the house / office:
  • Bored of the same old picture frames?  Add mt masking tape and accessorize your frames to match your decor... or your mood!  Check out this post from Decor8.
  • Speaking of pictures, make custom magnets using photo magnets, your favourite pics and framing with Japanese washi tape.
  • Have a light shade that's missing some va va voom?  Decorate with mt masking tape for a quick and easy uplift.
  • Blank wall getting you down?  Here's a neat idea for using Japanese masking tape as a temporary wallpaper alternative.
  • Have roommates?  Use Japanese masking tape to label the stuff you don't want your roomies using up!  Same goes for whatever you stick in your office fridge!
  • You can even use this masking tape for taping stuff together or to other stuff.  Remarkable!
Whether you're arting, crafting, or just living, Japanese masking tape is fun and useful!  Want some?  We've got it!