Midnight Mail Recap

The second Pretty Postal swap - the Midnight Mail Swap - was dark and mysterious and moody (and oh so fun!) Close to 100 snail mail lovers from around the world exchanged midnight-themed mail with each other - there were witches and ravens and wolves and constellations and many many moons!

Here's a look at the pretty mail that I sent and received. You can peek at more mail right here.

I took inspiration from the night sky - full moons and golden light pouring through trees and the sound of owls winging through the darkness.

I started by making envelopes out of navy card stock, then cut out a leafy pattern and added a metallic gold backing. I topped the handmade envelopes with a watercolour moon.

My night sky theme continued inside the envelopes - more moons plus plenty of stars and owls.

After playing around with more complicated card concepts, I decided to keep it simple for this handmade card. A circle punched from a slightly metallic blue card stock topped with a golden crescent moon made for a graphic and modern look. I replicated the same icon in miniature to seal the included starry envelope.

As for the extras, I shared a combination of stickers, blank cards and owl embellishments cut from a vintage book.

And here's a look at some of what I received from my partners...

Norma, in Oregon, crafted gorgeous mail inspired by midnight walks - strolling hand-in-hand beneath the stars. And how great is her taste in washi tape?!

From Shana, in California, beautiful starry sky mail - complete with a mini jar of falling stars. So clever!

And Ana, in Portugal, sent a lovely package filled with fairies and full moons. I adored the wild and free wolf pocket and the confetti tag - can you see the man in moon snoozing there?

What fun a good mail swap is! I do hope you'll join us for the next one!


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