Outgoing Mail - Black, White & Neon Fun!

I'm trying to get back into the habit of sending mail. 

I told myself back in January that I'd send one great package or piece of mail each month in 2016 - a small challenge. But, as is the way, life gets in the way, and suddenly it's May... and I haven't sent a parcel since that first one in January.

So this month, I'm re-challenging myself to actually start sending mail again. It must be all that fabulous snail mail inspiration over on Instagram! First, I put together a couple of bold black, white and pink parcels to send to creative friends... here's a peek...

Whenever I put together a snail mail package, I like to have a jumping off point - a particular card, theme or colour scheme that I then build the various components around. In this case, I was inspired by a set of envelopes I had crafted out of uncoloured colouring book pages. The bold black and white patterns were the perfect place to start.

But then, of course, I couldn't resist adding a bit of colour. And, when in doubt, pink is always the answer!

So I gathered up all my black, white, gold and pink materials and supplies and set about putting together a package I thought anyone would love to receive in the mail. 

An assortment of stickers and buttons and washi tape samples is always fun!

Then added some fun stationery treats - an adorable notebook, a lovely postcard and those aforementioned envelopes.

Finally a hand drawn card to write my message in - because I can't resist an opportunity to doodle flowers! 

And then, time to make the outside of the mail as fun as the inside. 
Washi tape, stickers. doodles and collage elements. I love the final look...

So I had to try it on the back too!

How about you? Where do you find inspiration when sending pretty mail?


  1. So fun! Love the addition of collage!

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying playing with different materials.

  2. I love to look through magazines and get inspired by colour combinations!

  3. I love to look through magazines and get inspired by colour combinations!

  4. Love this little parcel - the envelope is especially rad! xo

  5. Love the B&W theme! The last one cracked me up. Love looking through magazines and especially Anthropologie and other catalogs for inspiration.