Muji Yourself

One of my favourite shops to frequent in Japan is Muji. Filled with well-designed basics from clothes to housewares to stationery (and oodles of delicious snacks), there's always something simple yet delightfuil to discover.

While I was a little sad to see that my favourite Muji snack is no more (curry flavoured "chips" made from okara aka soy lees), our local Muji is five (5!) floors of fun including a lovely cafe, so I guess that makes up for it. (Plus, with their big food section, I'm sure I can find a new snack to love... guess it's time to start taste testing!

But what really made me forget about my snack disappointment was the fabulous Muji Yourself section! Most (all?) Muji stores include a free stamp counter where you can customize your Muji stationery or create unique wrapping for gifts. Different cities/stores usually offer some unique stamp designs and I've heard rumours of seasonal ones too.

Not one to resist a casual craft opportunity, I purchased a simple wirebound notebook (only ¥100 / $1.10) and got right to work.

Of course, I didn't discover the provided stamp ruler until after those tragically lopsided eyes, but in the end decided that quirkier is more fun anyway!

Luckily, there are two sides to play with, so added a little Fukuoka love to the back of the book. (Before you think I'm getting too cheeky, I'll pause to point out that FUK is Fukuoka's airport code!)

That was fun, but I think I need more stamping fun - there were so many I didn't get to use and I keep daydreaming about patterns to try. I did spot a pack of blank postcards in the stationery section...

Do you have any Muji favourites? I always loved their hair elastics when I lived in Japan - the perfect amount of stretch!