Fukuoka Bound

Exciting news on the travel front! We're off to Japan in about 10 days for a couple of months!

While our Japanese hometown is about 2 hours south of Tokyo (as the Shinkansen flies) in Nagoya, this time we're headed even further south to the new-to-us city of Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is located in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands.

Have you been? Any tips on what to see, eat or do while we're there?

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Image sources - city / map


  1. Love Fukuoka! That's where my family lives. I didn't get to visit while I was there, but Ainoshima Island -- better known as Cat Island(!) -- is just off of the bay! Tenjin is also a great city to check out while you're in Fukuoka. Delicious tonkatsu ramen in Fukuoka, too. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thanks so much Vanessa! I've heard good things about the ramen... I'm sure we'll be slurping a bowl or two (or ten!)