Summer Doodles

A handful of my favourite doodles from July. I'm a little behind! 

I'm not going to lie... between packing and moving and book writing and traveling and life... I kinda failed my daily doodle challenge this summer.

On top of which, my phone took an icy dip and while it mostly works, the camera mostly doesn't. Clearly, without daily instagram posting to keep me in line, my motivation to doodle took a dive.

All of that to say... I had good intentions for a creative summer... but bad follow through.

But I'm gritting my teeth and arming myself with markers and paints and soldiering on... even if that loss in motivation also means a big dip in my love for the results.

I'll keep trying to get back into a routine (returning to blogging and business this week should hopefully help) and keep looking for a way to respark that doodle joy.

How did your creative pursuits fare over the summer? Did you make time to make? Or did you take time off to just enjoy those long summer days that are over too soon?