May Doodles

Some of my favourites from May. You can see all of May's doodles here or follow along daily on Instagram.

May was full of flowers, faces and watercolour accents. Plus a bit of a foray into collage.

Mandalas were a go-to in May - a bit of prep for a big project I'll start working on this month.

Loved playing with watercolour... but literally waiting for paint to dry is not my forte. 

I added a bunch of new markers to my collection. And discovered that the more markers you have, the more markers you want!

Passed the 150 doodle mark last night - which was a fun milestone. 

Thoughts on May?

While the first two-thirds of the month was full of fun, I'm feeling a bit worn out by this project at the moment and let myself get behind which meant scrambling last night and this morning to finish up the final 4 pages - to mixed resultsNot sure whether I'm not loving it because the results aren't meeting my expectations or whether the work is suffering because it feels like another obligation. I am committed to sharing the final pages on Instagram because it keeps me on track but keeping track of likes can be just as much of a downer as it is a boost - not many likes on a piece I love or a great response to a piece I'm not sure of both leave me full of self-doubt. But drawing for others was never supposed to be the point. I guess that's the difficulty of making a personal project a public one! Not quitting though -  I'm sure I'll fall back in love with it again... some spark will ignite and it'll be the best hour of my day again... but for the moment it's feeling a bit chore-y. 

I might set some guidelines for June - all patterns (my favourite) or drawing from actual reference (vs images in my head) to see if that makes the month feel more like a progression. I have a few more hours to figure it out!

How's your 2015 creative project coming along?