New Washi Tape Sticker Trick!

Washi tape stickers are my favourite! (If you've been reading for awhile, you'll notice that lots of things are my favourite!) I love the versatility of washi tape and being able to transform tape into stickers is a huge part of that.

But it's always really irked me that craft punches chew up washi tape covered backing papers* so I've always just hand cut shapes. Time consuming... but if you love washi tape stickers, that extra time (usually) feels worth it.

But then, last week, I had an aha moment and now punching stickers is so simple!

The trick? Card stock!

Layer a piece of card stock under your washi tape covered backing paper*, then punch your shapes, making sure that the punch cuts through the card stock first.

*release paper, waxed paper, parchment paper, sticker backing paper...

Bonus - colourful card stock confetti!

Stick, layer, punch. Repeat. Easy washi tape stickers for envelopes, gifts, scrapbook pages, walls....

Happy crafting!