Pinning For Spring (And Shopify!)

I won't hesitate to admit that I've been pining for Spring since about mid-February. While the days are definitely getting longer there's still a blanket of (dirty) snow outside my window and I'm more than ready for a little more colour!

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when Shopify asked me to come pin all things Spring for them this month...

Hello fresh colour! 
Hello bunny rabbits! 
Hello a really great excuse to discover new-to-me shops! 

Follow along to see what I'm pinning, drink in all the Springtime colours and discover new-to-you shops. Oh, and enter our giveaway! There are two $50 Omiyage craft packs full of colourful crafty goodness to be won. All the details here.

Happy pinning! (And hopefully less pining).


  1. The new tapes are killing me! Of course they came in right after I placed a huge order (eye roll). Oh well, guess I just need to put in another order. Poor me. :)

    1. They always get me too! Just when I think I couldn't possibly need anymore tape, I suddenly need a whole bunch. ;)