Nature, City, Japan - masté SS15

I'm totally enamoured with the new line of masté tapes for SS15! This season, the tape designers at Mark's Inc created a series of washi tapes inspired by Nature, City and Japan. There are so many gems - unpacking our latest order was a huge delight! Let's take a closer look at them...


I just never get sick of throwing a bunch of tape into a messy pile and taking a gazillion photos. The best!

Nature is full of quirky prints and dreamy destinations. Illustration and photo realism. And hot pink dinosaurs. Who doesn't love hot pink dinosaurs?!

City might be my favourite series if only for the trio of coffee prints. Doesn't the coffee table design look like an Instagram feed in tape form?

Japan has a little something for everyone - the modern japanophile, the traditionalist, the foodie. I've been craving a gyudon with a side of sushi since I first set eyes on these tapes!

The masté collection is now available in the shop.

Do you have a favourite of the new designs?