Washi Wrapped Pencils

Just popping in with a quick DIY idea to share!

I was sitting at my desk and (miraculously through the mess) I spotted this fab multi-pattern roll of washi tape and a blank pencil and I thought they might make a good pair. And, indeed they do! Not only that, it's pretty much the simplest way to make a washi tape covered pencil that I've come across.

All you need is a pencil and piece of medium width washi tape. This one is 28mm wide. Cut a piece of tape the same length as the wooden part of the pencil. Lay the pencil on the piece of tape, lining up the tape with the ferrule*, and then wrap the tape around the pencil.

Voila! A 5-minute 2-minute DIY to try. (I did mine in a little less than that so they are a wee bit wrinkled - you should smooth out the wrinkles as you go.)

(I detail two other washi tape pencil ideas in my book - they're suited to all sorts of tape widths rather than such a specific one).

*Ferrule is the fancy name for the metal ring connecting the pencil to the eraser.


  1. I love this! I have so many boring pencils (which I don't use because they're boring) and my washi tape is lying there all neglected. I think I have a new weekend project now! :)

    1. Pretty pencils definitely get used more around here!!