Joyful Designs Review

I've recently fallen in love with adult colouring... which sounds a bit dirty but is actually anything but! There's just something so relaxing about sitting down with a pile of markers or pencils and colouring within (or out of) the lines. It's become a bit of a trend to colour as a form of meditation and I'm all for it!

I treated myself to Joyful Designs Artist's Coloring Book featuring the illustrations of Joy Ting late last year but didn't have a chance to break it open until recently. But now that I have, I just had to share - it's really that good!

Joyful Designs features 31 full page designs to colour. There are lots of intricate details and plenty of florals which is always a good thing but interesting patterns and modern doodles too.

I've long admired Joy's doodles, so getting to add colour to her illustrations is really delightful.

As for the format of the book itself, the paper is thick and sturdy so your markers don't bleed through BUT the designs are only printed on one side of the page so that if they do, you don't ruin the next image.

I started out with pencil crayons / coloured pencils but the images are so intricate that I found my hand was hurting when I coloured for any extensive amount of time. Markers are much easier to fill in all those small details.

Each page is also perforated so that you can pull out the pages to make colouring easier or to display your favourites once they are coloured.

If you love the idea of colouring as a form of relaxation or want something that allows you to be creative without a big mess or a huge materials list, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book. It's filled with hours of enjoyment for only $7.99.

Since colouring is my new favourite thing (which clearly means I'm growing younger, right?), there will be a few more colouring book reviews & even giveaways coming up soon. Sneak a peek here.

Joyful Designs Artist's Coloring Book is published by Peter Pauper Press. You can find it (and the other titles in the series) at most major booksellers - like Amazon.