The Kirigami Project - Week 52 - Snowflower

It seemed appropriate to end this project with a flower as they are my favourite designs to cut. It's a bit hard to believe that we're here at the end of 2014 - year end really does sneak up on you (or at least me) every year, doesn't it?

We'll do a proper wrap-up of The Kirigami Project in early 2015, but for now, thank you for following along and cutting beautiful things out of paper with me. And thank you to Geri for keeping my on track all year long and for turning musings in paper form into something shareable.

To create your own kirigami Snowflower, use the template below and the 6-point folding pattern.

Want to try all of December's kirigami designs? The free printable template is now available. Click on the image below to access and print the templates.

We'd love to see your versions on social media - don't forget to tag your paper cuts with #thekirigamiproject. You can find us on Twitter at @omiyage_ca & @thelanguidlion

The Kirigami Project is collaborative creative project from Marisa Edghill of Omiyage and Geri Jewitt of The Languid Lion. Marisa creates the kirigami designs and Geri turns them into printable templates. Each week in 2014, we will bring you a new kirigami design to fold and cut. Find the treasury of designs here.