Holiday Treat - Letterpress Tags

We have the loveliest treat for Omiyage customers this holiday!

Stags & holiday wishes. These pretty letterpressed gift tag sets are printed on cream and chipboard in our favourite bold pink.

Plus some sparkly gold Divine Twine - because what's a tag without a little twine?!

Designed by Geri Jewett of The Languid Lion and printed by Survival Letterpress, we know you're going to love them us much as we do!

The details on these cards is really incredible. Those fine lines, the scrollwork, the spots on the deer's back are all made extra-special by the texture of the letterpress printing. And the pink is a fantastic shade which reads almost red on the chipboard tags but pink-a-licious on the cream.

Of course, there's a bit of a pay-it-forward story behind these tags. You see, Joey & Amanda, the husband and wife team behind Kansas City's Survival Letterpress celebrated an Instagram milestone with a giveaway. Geri won that giveaway and decided to pay-it-forward by offering her design services (and the cards) to me. Well, since I go through business cards like water over at Omiyage, I wanted to make sure those letterpressed cards were put to really good use. So we put our heads together... and voila! Holiday tags for you!

We'll be slipping in a set of tags with every order of $25 or more for as long as they last.