Make Ribbons!

I've been glaring at the big pile of tape on my desk (trust me, it's a BIG pile), waiting for a little inspiration to strike! Yesterday, it struck me - ribbons!

I always think that projects which are both simple and practical are the best for sharing. These washi tape ribbons are cute, endlessly adaptable and would make great gift toppers, don't you think?

They're fun, easy and slightly addictive to make. Here's how...

To make your own washi tape ribbons, start by punching circles out of washi tape covered card stock. I used 1 inch and 2 inch punches. Then lay strips of tape onto the card stock. Cut out strips and trim into 3 to 4 inch lengths.

For each ribbon, you will need 1 large washi tape circle, 1 small washi tape circle and two strips with angled ends. .

Glue the smaller circle in the centre of the larger one. Then tape the strips to the back side of the circle.

Have fun mixing and matching different colours and patterns.

Would you try making these washi tape ribbons?

Happy crafting!