The Kirigami Project - Week 34 - Foliage

Anyone else wondering where summer slipped away to? We're already seeing a hint of Fall in the leaves (and feeling it in the air) but before Summer fades entirely, let's celebrate the lush greenery this season brings.

Full of leaf shapes, this design is a bit intricate but the cuts themselves are fairly simple.

To create your own leafy kirigami design, use the template below and the 4-point folding pattern.

Want to try all of August's designs?

This month's free printable templates are now available!

Click on the image above to access and print the templates.

Happy crafting! If you try these paper cuts, make sure to share your versions with the tag #thekirigamiproject so we can see them too.

The Kirigami Project is collaborative creative project from Marisa Edghill of Omiyage and Geri Jewitt of The Languid Lion. Marisa creates the kirigami designs and Geri turns them into printable templates. Each week in 2014, we will bring you a new kirigami design to fold and cut. Find the treasury of designs here.