DIY Washi Tape Gift Tags

It's all grey and rainy today, so I couldn't resist having a little fun with bold colour!

Card stock, washi tape and a couple of punches are all you need to craft up a multitude of fun gift tags in colourful stripes.

Start by covering a piece of card stock (white or cream works best) in strips of washi tape. Throw together any colours, patterns or widths you please. There are no rules here.

Use a large craft punch to punch circles from your washi-covered card. I used a 2-inch (5cm) punch. But go ahead, use any size or shape you have.

Continue taping and punching until you're satisfied.

Use a small hole punch to make holes in each circle - instantly transforming them from giant confetti to gift tags.

Tie one on! For added fun, apply washi tape stripes and use a fun colour of twine.  More colour, more fun!

If you're like me... ahem, no self-control... you might end up with heaps more tags than you need. If so, why not share your pretty creations? Slip a handful of tags into clear polybags...

Then add a colourful header card and a little more washi tape.

Want to add text to your tape too? Check out this easy tutorial.

Well, that was fun! How do you use washi tape for wrapping gifts?

Happy crafting!