DIY Washi Tape Feathers

Here's a fun diversion for a February afternoon - crafting up a flurry of washi tape feathers.

While I'm not the first (and most likely won't be the last) to make these, I thought I'd share my feather-making technique!

Start with a piece of 30mm wide washi tape. The tape strip should be the length you would like your final feather to be. Lay on your work surface so that the sticky side is facing up. To keep it from shifting around (and being totally frustrating) secure to your work surface with 2 small strips of tape in the 2 upper corners.

Lay a strip of 15mm (standard width) washi tape along the bottom edge of the wider tape. Make the strip a little longer than the wide bottom one so that the ends extend past the edges - these will hold everything in place, allowing you to now remove your small place holding strips from the upper corners.

Apply a strip of 15mm (standard width) tape next to the first one. Try to line up the edges next to each other without overlapping or leaving any gaps.

Cut into the desired feather shape.

Create a feather or fringe effect by cutting small parallel cuts all the way along each side of the feather. Try to cut close to the centre line without cutting through it. I try to leave about 1-2mm space on each side of the centre line so that the final feather isn't too flimsy.

For a more realistic shape, cut a small notch out of the end of about 3 fringe pieces on each side of the feather.

Tape, cut, fringe, notch and repeat until you have your fill of fancy feathers.

I think they're rather charming, don't you? Hope you're inspired to make some too!

I'd love to know - what would you use washi tape feathers for?