Put A Pom On It!

Pom pom making is perfect for that time at the end of the day, when you're sitting in front of the TV but wishing you were doing something. You know, when you scroll through twitter with one eye on one screen and one eye on the other. Winding and snipping and shaping poms will keep your hands busy while you unwind on the couch. Just don't yell at me when you find yourself (and the couch and the floor) covered in fluff!

I think there's something so charming about a big fluffball of a pom pom (or three) atop a simply wrapped gift. Keep the tying-off yarn ends long and braid them together... 

Or, make them extra-long, and tie around the box like ribbon.

Or even wind multiple colours around the box creating a colour blocked look before topping with a big beautiful pom pom. I used a hair clip to attach the pom to the box - you can't see it (clever!) and then recipient can wear their new pom friend once the gift is unwrapped.

Aren't they fun? Like big fluffy snowballs... 

I used our new Pom Pom Makers to make these - the large set is perfect for pompoms of a gift-topping size.