origami origami

Hello again! After a few weeks of packing boxes - moving boxes - unpacking boxes, it's so nice to have a little time to make something pretty!

The shop has reopened, and we're introducing a new product line called "origami origami" - gorgeous origami papers designed not just for folding. You can see our whole selection here.

These well-designed papers are perfect for wrapping small gifts and paper crafting.

I'm just itching to use some in my Send Pretty Mail project too! Maybe as envelope liners??

For today, I decided to try one of the suggested projects in the little booklet included in the paper package.

Little triangle pouches. So cute, right? I used washi tape to secure the edges rather than staples or hidden tape. Any excuse to use a little tape!

Hope you like the new paper selection as much as I do! What would you make?


  1. These are so beautiful! Happy to see that your shop has reopened since I received my wonderful order and can't wait to place another. :)

  2. These make me want to wrap something, anything NOW! So pretty!

    1. I love the idea of wrapping small gifts with origami paper! Happy wrapping to you!