Washi Tape Popsicle Card - Version Two

Did you see our first version of Popsicle Cards? If so, you might be thinking another popsicle card post?! But, bear with me here, because we love options! And while some of you may love a shaped card, for others it might be a little intimidating - or maybe you simply prefer a card-shaped card. So options it is!

To create your popsicle, lay strips of washi tape onto a piece of waxed or parchment paper. Make sure to lay the strips so that they overlap slightly.

Cut out your popsicle shape. I freehanded this one, but you can also draw or trace the shape onto your waxed/parchment paper before applying the tape.

Grab a blank card (or make your own out of card stock). Take a strip of wood grain washi tape, round one end and stick onto your card. Carefully peel the popsicle shape off of the paper backing, ensuring that you start with the bottom-most strip that you applied. If you laid all the tape strips overlapping and in order, your shape should pull off of the paper backing in one piece.

Finally, stick your delicious popsicle tape sticker onto the front of your card!

Experiment with different washi tape combinations to find the most delicious one.

Wouldn't these make sweet invitations to a backyard summer party?

Happy summer & happy crafting!