Handmade Find - The Link Collective

I have a bit of an obsession with furoshiki - Japanese wrapping cloths - and The Link Collective's are particularly fantastic. Great contemporary design combined with traditional Japanese craftsmanship is never a bad thing, right? The large sized furoshikis can be used as scarves, for wrapping gifts, for carrying all manner of objects. Add one of Link's leather straps, and you can even turn one of these multi-taskers into a purse!

Check out the full collection in their etsy shop. Discover different ways to tie a furoshiki. Connect via Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Bought a furoshiki last week. It has a Japanese design, with flowers. I love it! :-)

  2. I don't know if I could wear one of those successfully or not. I've never found a scarf that I think suits me. But using them to wrap things, that I could do. Definitely like some of the spiral designs, so I will probably give those a look. Thanks!

  3. I've always thought furoshiki is so creative and great! Love the idea of taking stuff in for example a scarf! looks so cute <3
    thanks for sharing :)