DIY - Playful Patterns

Stencilled furoshiki - Hello Sandwich / Polka dot envelopes - Fellow Fellow 
Stamped gift wrap - Cotton & Flax / Geo painted bangles - Kollabora
Hand painted mug - Wit & Whistle / Stencilled bench - The 36th Avenue
I'm loving print & pattern these days and these DIY ideas are a wonderful way to create your own patterned pieces. I don't play with paint too often, but I'm inspired to get painting/stamping/stencilling and craft something full of patterned fun!

Join me over on Oh My! Handmade for a round-up of handmade patterned items to buy and for our latest Oh My! Pin Party. This month's theme is Playful Patterns. #OhMyPatternPlay

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  1. I don't like painting because even when I use stencils, I make a mess and somehow it never comes out looking like it's supposed to. But I really like some of the patterns in these pictures, especially the little bench in that last one. Very cute!