Guest Post: Easter Gift Tag Printable

We're thrilled that Geri of The Languid Lion is visiting us today to share the sweetest DIY and Free Printable for Easter Tags. Hope you love this project as much as we do!

It seems that Spring might just be taking its time getting here, but these adorable tags will certainly getting you smiling!  It all started with the idea of creating some Easter tags featuring an bunny illustration by me and, of course, some washi tape... well, here they are.  Aren't they cute?  I had soooo much fun playing around with them and creating the template (yep, I'm a bit of a nerd), which is made especially for the large tags that Omiyage carries.  You can also get all of the washi tape & Baker's Twine shown in the tutorial there, too!

Ready?  Ok... here we go!

Large shipping tags (either white or cream)
• a printer
• PVA or craft glue (or glue gun)
scissors (and/or craft knife, not shown)
washi tape and clear tape
• Baker's Twine - I used the Fresh Colour Collection
• cotton balls 

Print out the first page of the template & line up your tags within the outlines given.  

TOP TIP: **It's always a good idea to try printing Page 2 onto the outline page WITHOUT the tags while you make sure how to load your printer; plain paper is a LOT cheaper than wasting tags!

I tried two techniques to print these tags; using clear tape or washi tape to secure the tags to the template & print them out.  

When using the clear tape, the benefit is that you simply run two strips of tape across all of the tags and you're done; the downside is that printer heated up the glue of the tape and tore the tags slightly when I removed them from the template, which is easily covered by the washi tape later.

When using the washi tape, the benefit is that you only have to tape once; the downside is that you have to figure out your decoration placement first and tape each tag individually.

I used both techniques and found them to be about equally pleasing!  Print Page 2 of the template onto the tags, being sure to figure out to place the tags in the appropriate tray & alignment of your printer (for example, mine is face up, bottom first).

As a cute little addition, I added a cotton ball tail to the bunny. Editor's note - you could also use a small pom pom as a tail!

I also made a little bow with some Baker's Twine for the bunny's neck, attaching it with the same glue as the tail and finished off the tag by threading some more Baker's Twine through the tag hole (the craft knife or a hole punch works great)!

Download your free Easter Tags & happy handmaking!

Geri Jewitt is a designer gone rogue from Corporate who now owns The Languid Lion, creating handmade & eco-friendly stationery, decorations & illustrated art prints for those of us who celebrates love & the art of handmade.  She is also the editor of The Lion's Den, a blog where she writes about love, life & handmade.

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