What Valentine's Day Looked Like

Pretty flowers, sparkly hearts, sweet treats & handmade cards. A peek at our Valentine's Day. Pretty sweet indeed!

To be honest, we're not huge lovers of Valentine's Day - we met in Japan, where Valentine's Day is a bit confusing as women give gifts to men on February 14th and then men return the favour a month later on White Day. Women tend to give gifts to ALL the men in their lives and the men often dread it. I used to have male students who would do their best to avoid being in the office / at their desk on Valentine's Day so that they wouldn't have to buy gifts for ALL the ladies in the office on March 14th. Oh the romance!

And then, you see, the Brazilian version of Valentine's Day doesn't happen until June (or is July? I can never remember).

So, we get all confused and turned around and not quite sure what to do when this holiday rolls around. But, we actually met on February 14th, so we celebrate this day for that reason. And, really, any excuse for an overload of pink & red & hearts & chocolate & borderline tackiness is alright by me!

Our celebration involved a quiet meal, good conversation and decadent dessert - Brazilian Pao de Mel - mini honey cakes filled with doce de leite (dulce de leche / milk caramel) and dipped in chocolate.

Oh, and those sparkly hearts? A super simple 5 minute DIY - just cut hearts (or any shape) out of glitter tape and stick to a toothpick. Voila - instant fanciness!

How did you celebrate? Or are you just delighted that we can move on from all the love-themed stuff?