Handmade Find - HOMAKO

Los Angeles based designer Yoko Minemura creates playful origami inspired jewelry and accessories out of felt and fabric. Her brand, HOMAKO, is designed to make you happy and I really do think sporting one of these fun pieces would make you smile!

Find HOMAKO on Etsy or connect with Yoko via Flickr.


  1. that last necklace is fantastic!! well, they all are, but I really love the last one :)

  2. Ah! Homako! I remember her!
    I bought a cute headband from Homako's Etsy shop in 2009! (Just checked my past purchases to be sure of the date.) It is nicely made but I don't see anything like it in her shop today.
    I love her folded fabric necklaces too - you do need to have a certain style look to make them work, though!

    1. Yes, this was more of a re-discovery than a discovery! But her folded fabric pieces have always stuck with me. - I think the long one would be the most wearable for me, almost like a circle scarf!