DIY Glitter Tape Cake Topper

On the weekend, I made the yummiest 4-layer chocolate raspberry cake and topped it off with a miniature glitter tape bunting for extra fanciness. Since I can't have you all over for a slice of cake, I can at least share the simple steps to make your own glitter tape cake topper!

You'll need:

  1. Trim paper straws to the desired height. I simply cut one straw in half.
  2. Cut equal-length strips of glitter tape - mine were about 6cm / 2.5" long.
  3. Fold each tape strip in half. Remove plastic backing. Attach to baker's twine, ensuring twine is placed in the crease before sticking the tape to itself.
  4. If desired, cut a small triangle out the bottom of each glitter tape strip.
  5. Attach twine ends to paper straws - I simply wrapped the twine around a few times and then tied.
  6. Admire your handiwork - just add cake!
Here's what the topper looks like on a real-life cake (or rather, two real-life cakes):

One of my favourite things about adding a cake topper or cupcake flags is that they're a really pretty way of keeping the plastic wrap from messing with your icing when you need to place your cake in the fridge or take it to go. Cute & clever, that's how we like it!

I've never been a huge cake fan - but one of my goals is to be able to make a great looking (and tasting) layer cake. Do you have a favourite kind of cake to bake? Or do you prefer to buy a cake when a special occasion rolls around?