A Total Knitwit

There's nothing quite as satisfying as making something useful with your own two hands. Well, maybe making something delicious with those hands, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

After knitting up the five (!!!) cowls in my queue this winter, I turned my eye to something a little handier - dishcloths! Alright, I must admit, knitting up dishcloths did make me feel a little grandma-ish at first, but now, now I'm hooked! A super fast project, no endless rows, and at the end, something totally useful.

I chose my yarn while deep in the Valentine's madness of mid-January (well, at least for me) and I am so very very over pink & red at the moment, but I'm sure my love for these brights will return. In the meantime, I've ordered some more yarn (I see why you knitters get obsessed) in neutral ecru and navy. Because, really, one can't have too many dishcloths, right?! Jessica over at Zakka Life is color coding hers - pretty clever (and totally a good excuse to make more).

Dishcloths / Washcloths are a great project for beginning knitters - a short & sweet project where you can practice casting on, binding off, knitting & purling - without subjecting yourself to that endless first scarf which never looks as good as you dreamed! Plus, even with mistakes, you end up with a useful finished object. Pretty great!

Have you been knitting this winter?

Happy Friday!