DIY Glam Glassine

Glam up basic glassine bags with metallic markers and starburst stickers. A perfect chance to play with new patterns, dust off your doodling skills and get creative without a lot of fuss (or mess!)

Have I told you yet how enamoured I am with our new Metallic Markers? I want to doodle gold & silver goodness everywhere!

Gather Your Supplies:


Start Drawing. I like to use a ruler for straight lines but be sure to lift it, not slide, between lines or you'll smear the ink.

Keep Drawing - try out different patterns, practice your script, play with polka dots or stripes or even something fancier.

Let the ink dry (it doesn't take long!). Then fill with goodness and seal with a shiny metallic starburst sticker!

There you have it - simple but special!

What would you glam up with metallic markers?