DIY: Easter Paper Pouches

What's pretty, stripy & filled with something yummy?

Our DIY Easter Paper Pouches, of course! We've taken our Heart Paper Pouches and given them an Easter facelift (thanks to Andrea & Jessica for the inspiration/motivation).

These are super simple and fun to make - though those of you who are afraid of your sewing machines (I see you!) will have to get friendly with your machines on this one. It's not really a hand-sewable project.

Ready to make your own? Here's how:

You will need:
- kraft paper
- your favourite Easter goodies
- cardboard or thick paper for template
- scissors / marker / sewing machine and thread

1. Create an egg template.* Trace the egg shape onto kraft paper. Use a dark marker so that it's easier to cut out the eggs later on.

2. Cover the egg shape in strips of your favourite washi tapes. Don't need to be neat as the edges will be cut off. Repeat until you have as many decorated eggs as you need.

3. Cut out the egg shapes. If you've used a marker, you should be able to flip the kraft paper over and have a clear outline of where to cut. At this point you'll also want to trace and cut out plain eggs to use as the backs of your egg pouches. For each pouch you will need one decorated egg and one plain egg. Though you could decorate both sides of your egg pouch, if you're feeling extra-fancy!

4. Time to sew! Take one decorated egg and plain egg and line up back to back. Head to the sewing machine and sew around the edge of the egg, leaving a space large enough to slip your Easter treats into. About 2" / 5cm should do it. Fill with treats (but not too many!) and then sew up the gap in the side of the pouch. Finally, trim off the extra pieces of thread.

Want to hang your egg pouches up? Try attaching a loop of ribbon, rick-rack, or twine to the top of the egg as you sew!

For more detailed step by step images, check out our DIY Paper Heart Pouches tutorial.

*Does drawing your own template make you anxious? Why not try using an egg-shaped cookie cutter or look around online for one you like! I drew this one by first tracing around a circle shape and then modifying it from there.