DIY: Dress Up Straws for Easter

This Easter, why not dress up your paper straws?

Washi tape Easter egg straw toppers are super simple to create.

You will need:
- paper / washi tape / paper straws
- scissors / hole punch / pen or pencil

Here's how:

1. Make an egg template out of cardboard or thick card. Ours is approximately 2.5" / 6.5cm tall.  Draw it, trace a cookie cutter or find it online - whichever way works best for you! Trace your egg template onto paper. Regular printer or copy paper works just fine - you don't want to use anything too thick or the decorated eggs will be difficult to get onto the straws.

2. Decorate the eggs with your favourite washi tape designs. Cut out the decorated egg shapes.

3. Using a standard hole punch, punch a hole in the top and bottom of the egg.

4. Feed a paper straw through the holes in the egg.

Ta da! Your paper straws are all dressed up in their Easter best!