Back to Basics - Pretty Mail

Another sweet but simple way to use washi tape - pretty up your outgoing mail. Our inboxes are full but our mailboxes are looking pretty empty these days - not much more than bills & flyers - so next time you send some snail mail, why not make it extra-special for the recipient with some washi tape decorations?

It could be as simple as a little strip on the sealing flap or as elaborate as a picture. We've put together 3 different looks - from super simple to a bit more elaborate.

Cut the tape with scissors for a neat edges or just tear with your fingers for a more casual look. Use a single style or mix and match a variety of patterns and colours. There is no wrong way to make your mail pretty!

Want to make your mail even more extra-special? We're loving these vintage stamps from send more mail. Each stamp pack is like a little lesson in Canadian history.

My favourite ways to use washi tape are often the simplest, so I thought it was time to look back at some of the sweet and simple ways to use our favourite tape! Our new series - Back to Basics with Washi Tape - will give you ideas for using these multi-tasking tapes. Some of which you may have already seen and some which might leave you asking "why didn't I think of that?"

Do you have any simple but clever uses for washi tape? Share them with us in the comments, post an image to our Facebook page or send a tweet our way. We're always listening!