DIY: Valen-Tags for Valentine's

Shipping tags are definitely having a moment. What was once basic, is now hot and hip.

So, this Valentine's Day, embrace the shipping tag and create your own collage Valen-Tags! Use them as tags on this year's batch of heart-shaped treats, or send / pass them out in lieu of Valentine's mini cards.

Grab a handful of basic shipping tags and your loveliest materials and get started!

For these tags, I used:

And then, it's really as simple as having fun. 

Stick, layer, tear, accent with a cute puffy heart. Repeat.

Try layering different materials which you might not normally use together. You can tear the washi tape for one look or try cutting the edges into points. Combine washi tape and fabric tape on one tag.

And the next thing you know, you'll have an array of unique and lovely tags to share with your favourite people.

What's nice about creating with tags is that the canvas is so small. It's a great way to practice new techniques, try something different, without the panic of having to fill a big space.

Will you be making Valentines this year?