Monday Morning Eye Candy: Teatime

Nikki McWilliams

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Julene Harrison
Happy Monday!

I'm in the midst of my annual switch from morning coffee to tea and, thus, have tea on the brain! (It usually lasts a few months and then the siren song of my moka maker lures me back).

Though I'm sipping on green tea these days, there's nothing quite so wonderful as an afternoon tea - biccies & all.

Are you a tea drinker? Any recommendations for a great cuppa?


  1. I'm a green tea drinker all the way. (Though a mid-day cup of chai with honey and soy is also a must!)

  2. Hyson's green teas are simply splendid. I love their delicate flavor. I'm actually a black tea kind of person though, and for that I'd suggest Ahmad No. 1 every time.

    1. Yum! Great suggestions. I too am a black tea kind of person, especially in the afternoon, but am attempting to be a green tea person for at least a little while!

      I'm actually a pretty loyal Japanese green tea drinker (genmaicha is my favourite!) - I received some new aracha Japanese teas for Christmas which I'm excited to try.