Monday Morning Eye Candy: Jordan Grace Owens

How amazing are these paper dolls from illustrator Jordan Grace Owens? Don't you want one... or two... or...?

Actually, I was already in love with Jordan's dolls, and then I discovered you can have custom paper doll portraits made! (Go check them out. I'll wait). So so so amazing, right? What a unique way to capture a moment in time!

Jordan isn't a one-trick pony (or rather, doesn't only dabble in paper doll-making) though. Visit her site and check out all the other goodness therein - like portraits, prints and illustrations.

Want a paper doll of your own? Check out the ready-made goods in Jordan's etsy shop or put in an order for a custom doll to call your own!

Happy Monday!


  1. Replies
    1. Love them! You totally need a Harper paper doll... ;)

  2. I really love these!! Thanks so much for sharing and so happy i came on by to your site! Love to you!

  3. Splendid ideas on this blog which is so very active.Congratulations.I love the cats, but where are the dogs ?

    1. Check out Jordan's website & you'll find some pretty awesome dogs too!